A History of Hysteria

Use of sex toys is no new phenomenon. More than 3,000 years ago, the Chinese made their dildos of jade, leather, or stone.

The vibrator was invented in the 1880’s and was used by doctors for treatment of women who at that time’s diagnosis suffered from hysteria.

Some doctors even performed the service by hand, literally. Like Dr. Swift, who promised health "from neck to knee" "through the magic powers of fine gentle massage," which he offered, to the patient, in the privacy of their own home, "without the knowledge of any one...."(Sounds like he really just found a way to feel women up and get paid for it. Not bad work if you can get it.)

With the invention of elecrtic "personal" massagers, women could perform the remedy for hysteria on themselves.

Hysteria seemed to be pretty common then, and based on sales of vibrators, must be today. So, here's to all the women who like to release a little of life's hysteria.


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