Her New Nipple Ring

One summer Jennifer came to visit me in Wyoming. There wasn't a lot to do after I showed her the cabin I was living in, and the local town of about 600 residents. So we went to the river. 

The river had been backed up by a dam, making it deep and wide, and still. There was a boat dock and you rent these aluminum "party barges." They had three of these barges, I it seemed only one at teh most was ever rented out. Since I was a local that summer, the owner of the marina, Doris, let me take one of the barges out all day for the price of an hour rental.

Jennifer had changed into her bikini, and instantly I checked her out. She'd gained maybe a pound or two from college, but was still beautifully shaped. A natural hour-glass figure that looked amazing in a bikini. I immediately noticed the outline of something on her left nipple. It was new, and it took me a second to realize what it was. 

All day my eyes kept returning to her breasts. I could see the outline of the nipple ring though the white fabric. I had been intimate with every inch of her in college, but this was new. It was as if seeing her body for the very first time. 

I couldn't help it anymore. I reached over and pulled her suit aside. She was shocked. But smiled. We had that old familiarity of former lovers. We broke up after college, just because we had our lives to go chase. It was never a bad falling out, and soon the romance we once shared was back. 

I was glad to see her again. And the rest of her visit was spent getting to know each other's bodies again.


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