Home Movie

Just a decade ago, to have even the most minimal movie studio--a place to record, edit, duplicate media was an investment beyond most people's means. Now, he's bought a nice three-chip digital JVC camcorder which records in 1080p. He's bought the wide-angle lens converter to be able to get more in the shot, especially at close up range. He's got the short shotgun mic to pick up the sound wherever the camera is pointed. He's got a Mac G5 tower that he's loaded with Final Cut Pro Studio, so he can edit, and a pair of good speakers. For under $10,000, he has a movie studio set up in his basement. He can shoot, edit, and burn DVDs. He has plans to go into the porn business. 

All he need was something to shoot. Obviously, he'd volunteer himself. Talking his girlfriend into being the starlet was the only challenge. And actually, it wasn't a challenge at all. 


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