Marge Monday: Ruth Powers

After Ruth moved in next door, she and Marge became fast friends. One evening, they went to a ballet after Homer, who was originally supposed to go with Marge, literally got stuck at work (with his arms in two vending machines). Later they had a girls' night out where they went line dancing at a country bar called Shotkickers, did some target shooting (using a farmer's antique cans as targets), and went up to the Springfield sign overlooking the city. Their friendship is most remembered for their wild escapade, when Ruth and Marge, went on a high-speed escape from the law, a la Thelma and Louise.

It might have seemed out of character that the often overly-worried Marge would risk her life to be with Ruth during their run from the law, but most folks don't realize that the two women shared more than a few innocent nights on the town. 

Ruth, a divorced single mother, has an ex-husband who did nothing but "eat, sleep, and drink beer" and never gave her money for child support. Marge could related to her, as Homer often neglected her sexual needs over his love of eating, drinking, and taking naps. As much as Marge loved "special snuggles" with Homer, she had been feeling very sexually isolated in her marriage for years. When she first discovered her bisexuality thanks to the instruction of Bart's teacher, Ms. Krabapple, Marge was open and willing to explore a woman-to-woman relatinship with the beautiful (and thrillingly dangerous) Ruth Powers.

After the two women sent their kids off on the school bus to Springfield Elementary, they adjourned to the bedroom. Ruth locked the door, and Marge smiled, knowing how they'd spend the rest of their morning.


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