The Open Door

Maybe they though Chris was still sleeping? Or maybe that he was already at class? Or maybe they weren't really thinking about Chris at all. Sometimes Jen, Scott's girlfriend, stayed over. Sometimes she'd show up in the morning before class, or just drop in. It was cool, she was nice. A cute blonde. Sometimes at night, Chris could hear them. Bed springs creaking and the headboard slapping the wall. That was fine, unless he had to get up early for a test the next morning.

It was weird, though. They shared a small house. Actually, it was a two-story old 1920s house, and the upstairs was one apartment unit, and they had the main floor. There were two bedrooms, each with their own door, and also a door to the shared bathroom. Since Scott's room opened to the living room, he always came into the front door. Since Chris' room opened to the kitchen, he always came in the back mud room. A lot of times the roommates did their own thing and didn't know if the other was around. 

Did they not know that Chris was home still? Did they not realize that they'd left the bathroom door open on their side? Scott was on his bed, naked, getting his cock sucked, so he wasn't paying any attention. Jen was on the bed, gulping down Scott's cock, focused on the task at hand, so she wasn't paying any mind to the open door. Chris had gone to the bathroom to take a pee, but when he saw the door open, and a clear view into what was happening in his roommate's room, he couldn't help but stop. He actually watched for a long time, or what seemed like a long time. Jen was giving Scott a quick BJ before class. And Chris admired how focused she was on taking the cock into her mouth and giving it a good firm sucking off.  Just as Scott came, Chris slipped back into his room. 

He sat their, realizing his cock was hard in his pants, feeling conflicted. He didn't want to spy on his roommate and girlfriend, but he had, and it had turned him on. He didn't think they'd left the door open on purpose, but he decided he'd start checking more. Maybe he could catch them again in daylight. Maybe he could see Jen naked. He wondered if she was shaved or natural. He'd always wanted to see her breasts. Once, when he was borrowing something from his roommate, he saw some silk scarves knotted to the headboard. He wondered if Scott and Jen were into bondage. Maybe even toys. He was excited at the thought of the door being left accidentally open again.


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