What They Feel

They had been saving for their vacation for over a year. They'd researched the most remote islands of the Mediterranean, to have a very secluded and sexy trip. After months of research and carefully made reservations, they found a very small, very remote spot, where they could sunbath nude and make love all day.

Then, no sooner than they'd arrived, and spent their first day on their perfect remote beach, a family showed up. It was a large, maybe Russian family--they couldn't tell what language. This family was overall obese and loud. They were really spoiling a sense of privacy and seclusion. 

The couple had spent a month's salary on the plan tickets alone, all of their vacation time, and were furious at this seemingly oblivious family who had picked the exact same spot to picnic.

They couldn't tell the family to leave--they had no idea how to communicate that in words, so they did it in body language. Literally. They'd come to have sex outdoors with the waves of the sea lapping at the rocky shore. They were going to do so. Even if it meant putting on a show for their neighbors, they would. They didn't travel halfway around the world to make love in a motel bed. She wanted to be fucked by the sea. And she was going to have it her way. He rolled on top of her and, as if an extra insult to the family, slipped into her backside. He then proceeded to hump her in the ass. And as if to test the family's English comprehension, cried out, "Oh baby, fuck me in the ass. Shoot it in my ass."

Still, the Russian family puttered around and paid no attention to the younger couple. Maybe they glance over and saw the two engaged in sex. If they did, they made no sign. They weren't shocked and they didn't leave. The next day the couple repeated the act. And still the Russians didn't seem to care in the least. 

If they didn't care, the couple decided that maybe they didn't really have an exclusive claim to the beach. Maybe they could all share. If the Russians would let them fuck in broad daylight, fine. They'd fuck. They'd be as uninhibited as if they were alone. And, in a weird way, it actually made their love making all that more hot. She loved being on her belly, with his thick sun-tan-oiled cock sliding in and out of her ass, as a group of total strangers minded their own business no more than a stone-throw away. 


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