Wife Beach Dare

They were enjoying the beach, which they had almost to themselves. Every hour or so, they'd see another couple walking along the beach. But for the most part, the beach was empty and they had it to themselves. 

They had their camera, of course, to document their vacation. He had been getting turned on, seeing his wife in her bikini. There's something about vacations, beaches, and wearing next to nothing that really makes people's libidos respond. He wanted to take a sexy photo of her.

He kept asking her, but she was being shy. She didn't want to get caught. It wasn't a nude beach. But eventually, when it seemed like the coast was clear, she slipped out of her suit and sat on  a rock. He started taking photos, and asked her to open her legs. She obliged, but turned her head to keep look out. Far in the distance, another vacationing couple approached.

That put an end to their photo session, but at least he got this last image of her, totally naked by the sea, open and exposed to his camera.


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