Road Trip to Remember

It was 1998. Jennifer was a student at University of Montana. She had had a couple boyfriends but was exploring her sexuality with her first girlfriend, Sarah. 

Sarah was from Eugene, Oregon. She was going back to Oregon for spring break and invited Jennifer to come along. Sarah had her parents' Voyager minivan, which made for a good roadtrip car. 

They drove most of a day before reaching the open prairie of Eastern Oregon. Needing a break, they decided to trow out a blanket and have a little nap. It was still spring, and not hot. The fields were still stubble from winter, and the trees weren't even green, but on this day the sky was mostly blue, and the air felt warm and energizing on their skin. Being cooped up in the snow and rain and grey of Missoula winter made them want to strip down. They thought it'd be fun and daring to take a nude sun bath. 

In turn, being naked on the blanket lead to an even more thrilling open-air adventure.


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