This Bud's For you

How drunk to you have to be after a party, or at a party, to pull off your panties, hike up your skirt, and fuck yourself in the ass with a beer bottle? (Apparently at least two beers.)

The meaning of this image changes based on the assumption of audience.

Has she gone to a party all night, and returning still tipsy, cracked a beer or two and now, in the privacy of her own home, takes matters into her own hands, fantasizing about the guy who was flirting with her, but that she didn't hook up with? 

Or is this an evening where a couple celebrates their anniversary with some new lingerie and drinks and one thing leads to another? Is it shared only between them? 

Or is she at a party. It's late, but the guests haven't left. Everyone is drunk, and she, on a whim or a dare begins performing for the crowd, showing off just how naughty and sexy she can be?

Each story has its own wonderful possibilities. 


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