Happy Birthday, Honey

For her birthday, she wanted to do something extra special. She wanted to have half a dozen men. She had fantasized about it for a while. The difference between a fantasy and reality, though, was that the men could be anyone in her mind. In reality, they would be specific individuals. She didn't want that. She didn't want to know them as other people's husbands, or dads, or co-workers. She didn't even want to see their bodies--if they had a hairy back, or a bit of a beer belly. She didn't want to see tattoos, or tanlines. She just wanted to feel the sensation of being surrounded by cocks. It was literally like a "kid in a candystore" fantasy. She wanted to reach out in any direction and take a cock. She wanted to feel cocks pushing in to her in every way. Every direction, every orifice.

And so, on her big day, she dressed in her lingerie.  Her husband tied a blindfold on her. And then told the guys waiting in the other room to undress and line up. She'd start off by sucking them one at a time, and then, when she was ready. They could have her anyway they wanted, which is exactly what she wanted.


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