Marge Monday: Teacher's Pet

Some may wonder when Marge had her first girl-girl experience. Some might guess that is was when she was at Springfield High, or in college. But actually, it was much later, after marriage to Homer and having her children, Bart and Lisa.

Lisa was always a good student, but Bart was the opposite. Marge was regularly being called in for teacher conferences with Bart's teacher, Edna Krabapple.

One day she went to Springfield Elementary to see Ms. Krabapple. She didn't have an appointment, and was just hoping to catch the teacher after school. She certainly caught the teacher alright. Bart's teacher and Lisa's teacher were having a private conference of their own.

When Marge barged in on them, Edna was annoyed at first. As if she didn't already give enough time and attention to the Simpson family. But after Marge apologized profusely and said that she hated to interrupt them and that it looked like fun, Edna invited Marge over. "Have you ever felt your beasts touch another woman's breast before?" asked Ms. Krabapple.

"No," Marge said, but admitted that she'd always been a little curious.

"Let me teach you," said Ms. Krabapple.

Bart's teacher is not a bad teacher; she just needed a willing student. She found that in Marge.


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