Privates on Parade

I have no idea where this was first published, but it's great. It claims to be the world's first  cock line up. Somehow I doubt that. 

I wonder if in the secretly naughty Vicorian era one of the parlor games of the aristocray was a line up? Or perhaps a favorite of the courts of 17th Century France. Or even a game started by the Romans...

There seems to be something inherently sexy about the concept of an anonymous line up of cocks. Both for the women seeing the male specimens, but perhaps even more for the men, getting an opportunity to show their cocks to their own and other men's partners. It's both voyuerism and exhibitionism, and a safe form of group sex. 

The fantasy is easy to get started. First the woman look, admire, comment, compare. Then they move in for closer inspection. Feel them and cup them. And then, seeing them grow to their full glory, take them in their mouths. Women used to long narrow cocks getting to play with shorter, thicker ones. Getting to feel a curved phallus if they haven't. The wall offers permission to explore. The rules of polite society momentarily suspended. 

The guys can't get jealous, because they have no idea which woman is slurping on them. Maybe part of them tries to imagine it is their own faithful partner giving them pleasure. But probably more likely, they are thrilled to feel the wrap of a new and wonderful set of lips.


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